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Covid-19 : point de situation au 27 novembre 2020

Covid-19 : point de situation au 27 novembre 2020

Malgré de nombreuses incertitudes, les élus et les acteurs économiques sont tous mobilisés pour faire face à cette crise sanitaire et ses conséquences dans notre commune.

Voici un point sur la situation dans notre commune, en présence de Claude Jay, maire des Belleville, Marlène Giacometti, directrice de l’office de tourisme des Menuires et Saint-Martin, Vincent Lalanne, directeur de l’office de tourisme de Val Thorens, et Thibault Combre, directeur du club des sports de Val Thorens :

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Cette vidéo a été réalisée à partir des informations à notre connaissance au 27/11/2020, qui sont susceptibles d’évoluer.

English translation of the summary of the video 27/11/2020 :

Question to Claude Jay, Mayor, Les Belleville

What is your reaction following the latest announcements by the government?

Last Tuesday, the President announced that the ski lifts would probably remain closed until 20th January, this was subsequently confirmed by the Prime Minister on Wednesday. We were taken aback by this, as our previous exchanges had led us to believe that a dialogue was still possible. In the Belleville valley, as in all the mountain regions, we are mobilised and prepared to try to change this situation.

What will the Christmas holidays be like ?

They will take an unprecedented format, with the ski resorts open, and free circulation, but without any ski lifts or any restaurants. Everything will be put in place to receive our clients in the best way possible and to offer them our services.

How do you plan to assist the businesses, the seasonnaires ?

We are working on putting in place a testing system and a COVID co-ordinator to assist the professionals and co-ordinate testing. A free telephone helpline will also be available. For seasonnaire accommodation, we will not charge the businesses whose accommodation in the AGIBEL properties are not occupied.

Question to Marlène Giacometti, Director of the Tourist Office for Les Menuires / Saint-Martin

The businesses and accommodation providers have numerous questions about the situation surrounding the resort opening, what elements are you able to respond to today ?

As far as the accommodation providers are concerned, there are 3 options :  A refund, deferring the booking to another date, or maintaining the booking for those that want to. Some establishments may be completely closed and others may open, including tourist residences and rental agencies. The number of bookings will be low. Communication will be put in place essentially within the region, for weekly bookings, short stays or weekends.

The shops are starting to open and to organise click & collect, deliveries, take-away…

Activities will be on offer to appreciate the mountains in a quieter way, enjoying nature. The Black Bee museum and the Saint Martin museum will open, as will the cinemas.

Questions to Vincent Lalanne, Director of the Tourist Office in Val Thorens

What will these holidays be like in the Belleville Valley ?

We are in the process of preparing for different scenarios, working with the various teams in resort, the mairie…we are unable to organise any indoor activities, however be have a lot options outside : activities for families, (sledging runs, walking paths and routes). We can offer some innovative options to attract our visitors, we are working on a piste suitable for either ski touring or snowshoeing which will go from Saint Martin up to Val Thorens. This piste can be maintained and pisted to offer security and safety.

Can these activities be organised with professional guides ?

It is still too early to be able to answer this at the moment, but the ski schools and guides are trying to get authorisation. This could only take place however on condition that there are not any large groups.

Question to Thibault Combre, Director of the club des sports de Val Thorens

The decision has been taken to maintain the World Cup Ski Cross from 19th to the 20th of December. Under what conditions will this take place?

The World Cup is allowed to take place, the ministerial authorisation has been given. It will take place without any spectators, either at the start or finish or alongside the piste, there will be checks in place. There will however be filming and the competition will be shown on free to air channels. All those involved in the commune and the resort are motivated to make this event happen in a cohesive way. It is a breath of fresh air for us after the recent announcements.

 Closing words from Claude Jay

We remain proactive in trying to change the decision. We are also preparing for all eventualities by trying to offer some suitable activities. In the end we may not be able to welcome many of our clients but those who come will be treated as real VIPs here.

Even though the health situation is improving, pressure on the hospitals remains high: the preventative hygiene measures are still important and are the best way to ensure that we can open. The Mairie and its services are here to work alongside the population and the local businesses.

English translation of the summary of the video 20/11/2020 :

Introduction by Claude Jay :

The situation is improving at a national level, as it is in the valley, but we must not let our guard down.

Testing protocols are being prepared: large-scale testing is planned next week in Val Thorens.

The minister for employment gave the green light for seasonal employment in the resorts, but the resorts remain closed for  now: the council has suggested that employers delay their employees arrival if possible. A good conduct charter will be set out for both employees and employers.

Question to Mathieu Jay, Director of Municipal Social Services

What concrete measures are being taken aimed at workers, both permanent and seasonal?

-Keeping up-to-date with information from the different services, and keeping employers informed (re workers’ rights and the sanitary protocol)

– A charter for employers and employees : insisting on respecting the rules while carrying out their job as well as in their private sphere. The charters are currently being approved and will be communicated shortly.

– Apartments are being made available for people who contract the virus to isolate

– Vulnerable people can receive support. The local population are asked to indicate where there are people in need of assistance. The social service department is on hand to help.

Questions to Véronique Vidoni, Manager of Fahrenheit 7 in Val Thorens and Roc 7 in Les Menuires

How are you preparing for the coming winter season, despite all the uncertainty around the opening dates for the resorts?

We are faced with uncertainty, it is a real challenge : on the one hand to reassure our clients and protect our future seasonal workers. Their arrival has been delayed but with a promise of employment,.

Permanent workers : have been asked to prepare for the season so we are ready to open very quickly if necessary.

Measures we are taking :

  • Strict disinfection procedure for all spaces several times a day.
  • Glazed panels for social distancing
  • Distributors for disinfectant hand gel
  • Restaurant table plans adapted
  • Revised restaurant offering: delivered meals can be left outside bedroom doors, scan code menu instead of physical drinks menu.
  • Staff training and information : compulsory masks, social distancing, guest log, respecting the other hygiene/barrier practices

Question to Jean-Luc Cambour, Municipal Police Chief

How is the lockdown going ?

Local people are responsible and are obeying the lockdown rules. Despite fears of groups gathering this has gone well. We remind everyone that masks are compulsory. Regular checks are carried out, this is in everyone’s interest.

What message would you like to give to help prevent the situation in our commune getting worse ?

We must remain vigilant, not let our guard down, and stick completely to the rules.

 Concluding words from Claude Jay :

– We must be prepared and ready to work in an unprecedented way, albeit with some constraints, but we must also stay positive!


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