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Covid-19 : point de situation au 8 janvier 2021

Covid-19 : point de situation au 8 janvier 2021

Malgré de nombreuses incertitudes, les élus et les acteurs économiques sont tous mobilisés pour faire face à cette crise sanitaire et ses conséquences dans notre commune.

Voici un point sur la situation dans notre commune, en présence de Claude Jay, maire des Belleville, Donatienne Thomas, adjointe en charge de la vie communale et sociale, et Mathieu Jay, directeur du service municipal vie sociale :

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English translation of the summary of the video 8/01/2021 :

Claude Jay, Mayor of Les Belleville

Best wishes to everyone for this New Year which I hope will bring us reason for hope.

Yesterday, it was no surprise that the Prime Minister announced a delay to re-opening the ski lifts and restaurants. The services are doing everything they can do to be ready as soon as we have confirmation of opening.

The alternative scenario, which is that of delaying opening until after February, would make us re-think the format of the holidays and offer other activities to our clients.


Question to Mathieu Jay, Social Services Director

What help is available to those in Les Belleville who can claim it?

– Pôle emploi : It is important to keep your status up-to-date, whatever your current situation is : unemployment either complete or partial, part-time working and the documentation required, may cause a delay in your payments if there is an error. There are some specific technical elements for part-time working : make contact with your advisor or the social services department at the mairie if you need assistance.

– RSA : Funds paid by the CAF are dependent on your resources, help from 490 to 900 euros depending on your family situation. It is possible to do a simulation on www.caf.fr  If necessary, approach a social worker  => available every Tuesday morning at the l’Espace saisonniers and by appointment in Moutiers all week.

– Food bank : put in place by the council, priority goes to those in a difficult situation and the unemployed, distribution from the Espace Saisonniers. Confidentiality is assured, get in touch with the Social Services department if you need help.

Mathieu reminds everyone that the Social Services department can assist in a wider capacity if needed. You should not wait until your situation becomes serious.

Question to Donatienne Thomas, deputy to the mayor, in charge of the communal and social activity

 We have said that the situation does not leave much room for optimism. Despite everything, what advice can you give to those living in the commune to maintain their morale?

 In effect, the situation is complicated, but those living here should not be closed off. We have an exceptional place to live; I encourage all those in Les Belleville to go out and to try some new things like ski-touring, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing…

We also have 2 municipal libraries which are open several days a week, they also work with the wider library services based in Moûtiers. You can reserve books online.

I also encourage everyone to listen to the local radio station: We are going to be putting out some short recordings from our locals on different themes such as poetry, recipes and history of the olden days.

What is your view of the new year ahead?

We will be welcoming in September the Terre, Terroir, Tarentaise event. This event is very convivial and will showcase the knowledge and talent of our patrimony. Those living here will shortly be asked if they want to help with organising this festival.


Closing words from Claude Jay

 We must not let ourselves get downhearted. The councillors and the town hall services remain available and at the service of the population.

In the next few days there will also be consultations put in place with professionals/businesses.

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